Suitcase Media CIC

Our service users are homeless people who are beginning to overcome obstacles and are at a transitional phase in their lives.

We aim to provide a non threatening, non judgemental environment in which our service users can learn, grow

and develop a range of skills through building meaningful relationships.


Workshops in various areas have been conducted, however our main focus now is accredited IT and web design

training for homeless people. We aim to empower people to:-

1. Develop their confidence.

2. Work as part of a team and build lasting relationships

3. Express themselves through a creative online medium.

4. Be prepared for the modern day workplace.

5. Learn about IT in general and build websites

We have successfully run various training courses for homeless people and now plan to extend our

activities to include mentoring and work experience.

Our activities are largely funded by offering web development and video production on a commercial basis.