Squeaky Chains CIC

Squeaky Chains CIC is a social enterprise and is a not for profit bicycle recycling project.
The main purpose of the company is to provide cycling related services to the community at an affordable price.

Specific Activities

  • We deliver free mechanics training to St. Mungo’s residents.
  • For members of the public the mechanics training is £99.
  • We recycle bicycles that would’ve gone to waste.
  • We sell second hand bikes that have been serviced while providing work opportunities to former unemployed people.
  • We repair and service bicycles using a mix of second hand and new parts.

At Squeaky Chains we believe that bicycles and cycling are holistic solution to many problems.

  • Cycling is good for you and the environment
  • Cycling is cheap and in many cases faster than public transport.
  • Mechanics have proved to be a quick reward system to help troubled people to get back into work.