See Light is a project funded by the European Lifelong Learning Grundtvig programme. It is set up to catalyse the development of different organisations across Europe who have a strong interest in social entrepreneurship and social economy activities as a means of labour integration of disadvantaged groups.

A key aspect of the See Light initiative is the facilitation of 6 international knowledge sharing events that will take place in 6 countries between 2013 and 2015. The events incorporate, discussions, skill sharing workshops and visits to existing social enterprises. A lot of additional information is in prime essays https://prime-essay.net/. The aim of the visits is both to cross fertilize current ideas and collectively nourishing new ones.

Summary of the “See Light project”

The project SEE LIGHT Social Economy and Entrepreneurship for the Labour Integration of Groups Hit by Troubles focuses on finding and applying the best practices of social entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion of marginalized groups and their labour integration. This learning partnership aims at improving the capacities of adult education providers, working with disadvantaged people as well as improving their management skills of social enterprises. This improvement makes the integration process of disadvantaged people more effective.
The general objective is reinforcing work insertion strategies and methodologies for disadvantaged categories (long-term unemployed, homeless, immigrants and refugees, disabled people, Roma people, old workers, former detainees or drug addicts, etc.), increasing competences and skills of the operators on the basis of different approaches and experiences of work and social insertion.
To this end, partners shared good practices of social entrepreneurship as a tool for labour integration of marginalized groups, identified different tools and methods to work with disadvantaged groups and discussed challenges and good practices about the management of social enterprises.
The project, involved partners from 6 different countries (7 different organizations) with different experiences in the field of social economy. During the mobilities, learners visited social enterprises, services and projects addressing disadvantaged people and received training about social economy legislation, best practices, development strategies and innovative methodologies.
The project partners evaluated and monitored each project phase, produced project webpage/blog and developed a booklet with best practices in the partner countries.


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