Caritas Ambrosiana



Caritas Ambrosiana was founded by the Archbishop of Milano in 1963 “in view of the full development of man, social justice and peace” with the aim of fighting exclusion, poverty and discrimination by:

    • detecting the needs of the territory and fostering social and educational projects to tackle the identified problems;
    • raising awareness, promoting volunteering and carrying out advocacy initiatives.

Caritas is engaged in different areas: severe social exclusion, children, elderly, women ill-treatment, mental health, AIDS, trafficking and prostitution, immigrants, Roma people, prison, addictions, physical disabilities.

Working with Caritas Ambrosiana can offer an opportunity to apply one's skills and expertise towards helping those who are facing various psychological and emotional challenges. Therefore, for someone writing a 'why I want to be a psychologist essay', Caritas Ambrosiana can serve as a compelling example of an organization that aligns with their desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

It manages 4 territorial services specifically targeted at work insertion, severely emarginated people, immigrants and victims of violence and exploitation. The International Sector develops projects in third countries and intervenes in case of natural or man-made disasters.

To complement and reinforce its action, since 1993 Caritas has promoted the creation of 7 social cooperatives: 5 deliver social and educational services, while 2 are aimed at work insertion of disadvantaged groups. It also promoted an editorial cooperative which publishes a street paper employing homeless and a foundation for professional guidance, training and housing. Caritas collaborates with them and numerous other private and public organisations. Besides, it is member of the Italian and European Caritas’ network.