Activity Centre Sundholm


Aktivitetscentre Sundholm [Activity Center Sundholm] is a public institution under the Municipality of Copenhagen and is placed in a building complex of Copenhagen that has been used for the same purpose in more than 100 years.

Our social work is aimed at helping homeless people and is placed in two sections. The first is a ‘Café’ that provides shelter and basic facilities such as bathrooms, beds, cheep meals and the most crucial social support. The second section is called ‘The Employment’. Here 10-15 different workshops offer a broad range of activation possibilities from art work and gardening to a team of craftsmen and so on. Some of our workshops are driven as independent businesses and therefore have lots of partners from the private sector. However we primarily cooperate with other public institutions such as homeless and rehabilitation centers.

Our goal is to lead the most mental unstable and drug/ alcohol addicted citizens from our Café to activation in The Employment. And from there further to a stable and independent everyday life (The Employment however also activates other citizens with a somehow peripheral association with the job market). In this struggle is it very common that we have to deal with other issues first such as alcohol/ drug problems, mental illness and economic chaos etc.